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Mini Cupcakes        ... 1.75/each  Two dozen minimum per flavor for orders.
Regular Cupcakes   ... 3.50/each  One dozen minimum per flavor for orders.
Jumbo Cupcakes     ... 4.25/each  One dozen minimum per flavor for orders.
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Diggity Dang™ Jumbo Cupcake

Chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream rounded off with chocolate ganache


Boston Cream Jumbo Cupcake

White cake filled vanilla pastry cream finished off with chocolate ganache


German Chocolate

Chocolate cake filled with rich ganache topped with traditional coconut, pecan icing.


Chocolate Toffee

Chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, dipped in milk chocolate sprinkled with homemade toffee


Rosie’s Red Velvet ™

Our signature red velvet cake, finished with white chocolate cream cheese icing!


Mr. Bean’s Cup O’ Joe™

Coffee caramel buttercream on chocolate cake half dipped in dark chocolate and homemade espresso toffee ...


Ho’ Daddy™ Chocolate

Classic chocolate cupcake. Chocolate cake with our chocolate buttercream


Churro Cupcake

A triple dose of cinnamon reminiscent of this popular Mexican treat!  Cinnamon spiced cake, ...


Beeze-kneeze ™

Chocolate cake frosted with honey buttercream, hand dipped in milk chocolate topped with ...


Kinda’ Carroty ™

Carrot, pineapple, walnut spice cake topped with cream cheese frosting


Plain Jane

Our white cake with vanilla bean buttercream, topped with a pink buttercream rose and sprinkled ...


Rasmary’s Baby™

Chocolate Cake topped with raspberry buttercream hand dipped in dark chocolate topped with a fresh ...


Monkey Business ™

Moist vanilla-banana cake with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle.


Colin’s Peanut Butter Wag ™

Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, hand dipped in milk chocolate drizzled with ...


The Mustachio ™

White chocolate pistachio cake with pistachio buttercream complete with a chocolate mustache


Coconut Jumbo Cupcake

Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting covered with sweet coconut shavings.


The Elvis Peanut Butter Banana

Banana cake, peanut butter buttercream, drizzled with our marshmallow-butterscotch sauce, finished with salted'll shake you ...


Black Beauty

Chocolate cake filled with ganache frosted with blackberry buttercream dipped in semi-sweet chocolate topped off by a ...



White cake with passion fruit buttercream


Strawberry Kiss

A delicious white cake with strawberry buttercream dipped in white chocolate.


Lemony Lemonhead™

Lemon cake, sweet tangy lemon buttercream filled with a fresh zest of lemon



Chocolate cake topped with mint buttercream hand dipped in Dark chocolate


Black & White

Chocolate and white cake marbled together with vanilla buttercream hand dipped in chocolate