Do you do internet orders?
Do you make vegan/kosher/sugar-free/gluten-free/nut-free certified products?
Do you have whole cakes ready to sell at your shop?
How far in advance do I need to place an order?
Once I get my cake/cupcakes how do I store them?
If I purchase my cupcakes on Saturday, will they still be good on Monday?
Will you take orders for items already in your shop?
Why can’t you take my order for a variety of desserts? Why must there be a minimum?
Do you ship your pastries?
Do you do sheet cakes?
Will you do a licensed character cake such as Disney or Sponge Bob?
Do you do children’s cakes?
Do you do sculpture cakes?
Do you make bread, rolls, danishes or donuts?
Do you use shortening in your pastries, cakes or frostings?
Do you use mixes for cakes or icings?
Is your cake fresh?


How far in advance should I order my wedding cake or cupcakes?
Do you do wedding tastings?
Wedding Cake prices
Can we save the top tier for a year?


(Frequently asked questions about Elizabeth)

How long have you been baking?
Why a nursery?
I love baking, it’s my dream, it’s my passion, how do I get started? Do you have any job openings? Do you take interns?
Do you watch those cake decorationg shows on t.v.?
Do you think Journey is the same without Steve Perry and do you think he will ever re- join the band?